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Benedict Cumberbatch and Christopher Nolan are among the contenders next year. 5 early frontrunners for the 2015 Oscars Ellen DeGeneres needed money for pizza after the Oscar host called in a delivery. Ellen DeGeneres serves pizza at Oscars The actress is nominated in the Best Actress category for Philomena. Judi Dench not attending Oscars? Matthew Morrison will lead the cast of the upcoming Harvey Weinstein project. Glee's Morrison for Neverland musical From hedonistic bankers to evil nuns, we break down this year's talking points. Oscars: This year's controversies He says that Cumberbatch's performance shows "vulnerability" and "arrogrance". Weinstein on Cumberbatch drama The Weinstein Company pays $7 million for the US rights of the historical film. Imitation Game sells to Harvey Weinstein Bong Joon-Ho and Harvey Weinstein reach an agreement on the Korean sci-fi film. Snowpiercer confirmed for uncut release Director Olivier Dahan and Harvey Weinstein clash over the film's cut. Kidman Grace Kelly film release cancelled Movie mogul tells Piers Morgan he will no longer depict meaningless violence. Weinstein to stop making violent films Harvey Weinstein's The Senator's Wife criticises the gun lobby. Meryl Streep to star in anti-NRA film Harvey Weinstein also says that he never tires of movie awards season. Knightley wanted as face of Weinstein Co The Weinstein Company and Miramax have entered into a co-production deal. Shakespeare in Love sequel in the works Director Bong Joon-ho says he "has faith" that the full film will be released. 'Snowpiercer' could get unedited release Harvey Weinstein praises Judi Dench's reprisal of M in a recent comedy sketch. 'Philomena' wins R-rating appeal Judi Dench and Steve Coogan's drama to appeal its R rating from US ratings board. 'Philomena' locked in US rating battle Director Olivier Dahan blames movie mogul for the film's delayed release. Weinstein slammed over 'Grace of Monaco' The film mogul explains the absence of Grace of Monaco from the awards season. Weinstein on 'most competitive' Oscars The retired footballer is reportedly offered part in thriller The Secret Service. David Beckham considering spy film role? The first two books in Eoin Colfer's popular all-ages series are coming to film. Artemis Fowl movie to be made by Disney Court rules the film can be called Lee Daniels' The Butler. Weinstein loses appeal in 'Butler' case Warner Bros accused of claiming rights to The Butler title as bullying tactic. 'Butler' dispute is over 'Hobbit' rights Fashion designer says her husband would be "great" as next 007. Beckham: 'David should be Bond' Movie mogul says the former footballer could jump to film like Michael Jordan. Weinstein: 'Beckham could be movie star' The second of three GLAAD ceremonies took place in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 20). Wallflower, New Normal win GLAAD Awards Georgina Chapman reportedly gives birth to a baby boy in New York City. Harvey Weinstein 'welcomes a baby' Harvey Weinstein reportedly jumped the gun in announcing O Russell's involvement. David O Russell not directing 'Earth'? She forgot to thank Harvey Weinstein and David O Russell in her Oscars speech. Jennifer Lawrence sorry to Weinstein Modern Family and JJ Abrams also pick up awards at the ceremony. 'Argo', 'Homeland' win at PGAs 2013 Silver Linings Playbook star also thanks Harvey Weinstein for "killing" to get her an award. Lawrence on Globes win: 'I beat Meryl' The award-winning producer and his wife are "over the moon" to have a baby. Harvey Weinstein, Chapman having baby James Corden is playing the singer in the Weinstein Company movie. Paul Potts biopic filming wraps The President also praises Aaron Sorkin at a Connecticut fundraiser. Obama: 'Anne Hathaway spectacular' The X-Men star is attached to the drama The Ends of the Earth. Jennifer Lawrence for Ends of the Earth The retired adult film star expresses her support for the Republican candidate. Jenna Jameson endorses Mitt Romney Harvey Weinstein reveals that he sometimes struggles with producing violent films. Weinstein wants summit on movie violence Weinstein criticises the fundraising gap between Romney and Obama. Weinstein: 'Romney is Our Idiot Brother' Actor and director will produce film based on Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Clooney signs on to produce Streep film James Corden reportedly signs up to star in One Chance in the lead role. James Corden for Paul Potts film? Harvey Weinstein says "surprise" stars will replace those who've dropped out. 'Django' to feature surprise stars