Jeremy Sheffield

Patrick has a score to settle with Dylan in tonight's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks pictures: Patrick threatens Dylan The villainous character could start to go in a new direction next month. Hollyoaks star promises big Patrick plot What is Theresa up to? Hollyoaks: Theresa tries to seduce Darren We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. 'Enders visit, Corrie panic, 'Oaks scare Maxine hears that Patrick has gone a step further in Friday's E4 episode. Hollyoaks pictures: Danger for Darren Nikki Sanderson chats about Maxine's future in the village without Dodger. Hollyoaks star wants Maxine romance Maxine's fresh start with Darren and Tony could be thwarted next month. Hollyoaks: Maxine targeted in creepy plot Cleo's first week at Hollyoaks High gets off to a rocky start. Hollyoaks pictures: Cleo in trouble Nikki Sanderson chats to us about a dramatic fortnight ahead for Maxine. Hollyoaks star: 'Maxine will be in trouble' Nikki Sanderson says that Patrick will target Maxine through their daughter. Hollyoaks star teases Patrick, Maxine drama A misunderstanding could lead to Nico learning the truth about her paternity. Hollyoaks: Patrick accused of incest We present the latest storylines and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders proposal, Corrie fight, Oaks trial The popular character will bow out on screen early next year. Hollyoaks: Danny Mac to leave Dodger role Dodger desperately tries to expose Patrick's true colours in court. Hollyoaks lines up Maxine trial drama Nikki Sanderson previews the dramatic scenes on the way for Maxine. Hollyoaks star: 'Birth scene was scary' Nikki Sanderson previews the drama ahead for her character Maxine. Hollyoaks star on Maxine, Patrick twist Danny Mac chats to Digital Spy about future events for his character. Hollyoaks star reveals new Dodger gossip Patrick promises to secure Maxine's freedom if she reunites with him. Hollyoaks: Patrick to issue big ultimatum Nikki Sanderson explains why the trouble for Maxine, Sienna and Patrick continues. Hollyoaks: Maxine blamed for Patrick attack Jeremy Sheffield speaks to us about what is coming up for Patrick. Oaks star: 'Sienna tries to kill Patrick' Patrick takes steps to improve his anger next week. Hollyoaks: Patrick attends anger management Dodger takes matters into his own hands by reporting Patrick to the police. Hollyoaks: Patrick Blake to be arrested Is Patrick Blake heading for trouble when Nico demands to see Sienna? Hollyoaks: Patrick's lies under threat Can Patrick come up with a plausible excuse for Sienna's absence? Hollyoaks pictures: Nico fears for Sienna Tension rises between Sienna and Patrick again in the show's next episode. Hollyoaks pictures: Sienna held captive Anna Passey discusses the future of her surprising new storyline. Hollyoaks star reacts to Nico reveal The truth was let slip by one character in Thursday's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks: Nico Blake's father revealed Sienna has to decide whether to help Dodger in tonight's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks stabbing aftermath revealed Dodger accuses Patrick of spying on Maxine in tonight's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks: Dodger in showdown with Patrick New pictures show the former couple come face-to-face again. Hollyoaks: Maxine confronted by Patrick Nico is furious with Sienna's lies on Hollyoaks next week. Hollyoaks Nico furious with Sienna lie Sienna will use her daughter Nico in her latest twisted scheme. Hollyoaks: Sienna tells shock cancer lie Sienna is furious that she no longer has Dodger to herself. Hollyoaks trouble as Patrick, Maxine return We take another look at the best and worst of the recent soap storylines. What are soap's current Highs and Lows? Patrick tries to save his reputation in the show's latest episode. Hollyoaks pictures: Patrick denies all Maxine and Patrick's story finally comes to a head in E4's first look episode. Hollyoaks airs shock Maxine moment We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. 'Enders spark, Corrie war, 'Oaks wedding Maxine's safe haven is compromised in the soap's latest episode. Hollyoaks pictures: New shock for Maxine Jeremy Sheffield previews his character's upcoming wedding drama. Hollyoaks star: 'Patrick breakdown genuine' Patrick will show a different side to Maxine on the day of their wedding. Hollyoaks wedding drama revealed