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The US sci-fi series finds a home on the UKTV channel. Almost Human to air on Watch in the UK Urban, Michael Ealy and showrunner Joel Wyman talk the exciting new sci-fi show. Karl Urban talks 'Almost Human' - video The Karl Urban sci-fi series is yet to air its first episode. 'Almost Human': Showrunner quits sci-fi Digital Spy brings you a recap of the teasers from the show's Comic-Con panel. 'Almost Human': What to expect JJ Abrams and Joel Wyman have reunited for a new Fox sci-fi drama. 'Fringe' stars for 'Almost Human'? Ealy talks the new JJ Abrams TV sci-fi drama, debuting on Fox this fall. Michael Ealy on JJ Abrams's Almost Human Watch trailers for three of Fox's new drama series and vote for your favourite. Sleepy Hollow, JJ Abrams trailers - vote Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Rake and Gang Related ordered to series by Fox. Fox picks up four dramas to series The Dredd star is the latest addition to the Fox pilot's cast. Karl Urban joins JJ Abrams sci-fi show Crook will play an eccentric inventor in the forthcoming Fox pilot. Mackenzie Crook joins JJ Abrams sci-fi The FlashForward actor will play the key role in the Fox show. JJ Abrams pilot casts Michael Ealy The Week in Geek sizes up the new batch of pilots from the US. Tomorrow People, Abrams: New cult TV Abrams will team with Alfonso Cuaron and Joel Wyman on two new TV projects. JJ Abrams for new US TV pilots Jackson admits he was "never a huge fan" of removing Peter from time. 'Fringe' star on "clumsy" fourth season Abrams praises the sci-fi drama's showrunner Joel Wyman. JJ Abrams: 'Fringe finale is intense' The sci-fi drama's final episodes contains "elements" from all five seasons. 'Fringe' John Noble on "masterly" finale Joel Wyman reveals the title for the Fox sci-fi drama's last ever episode. 'Fringe' series finale details revealed Joel Wyman singles out an unsuccessful storyline from the show's fourth season. 'Fringe' exec 'regrets parts of show' Lance Reddick talks about his hopes for his character Broyles. 'Fringe' star on "perfect" final season The Fox sci-fi drama is being described as a futuristic "buddy cop" series. 'Fringe' exec on "bombastic" new pilot The network says the final episode of the sci-fi show will air in January. 'Fringe' finale date confirmed by Fox Joel Wyman hints at "cool" additions for loyal viewers "post-Fringe". 'Fringe' exec on fans, series end JJ Abrams and Joel Wyman's new pilot will shoot in early 2013. 'Fringe' exec on new JJ Abrams pilot Joel Wyman talks to Digital Spy about wrapping up the acclaimed sci-fi drama. 'Fringe' Joel Wyman final season Q&A Torv suggests that a television show shouldn't end on a tragic note. 'Fringe' star Anna Torv on series finale Joel Wyman claims that emotional resolution is the most important thing to him. 'Fringe' boss on 'emotional' final run Joel Wyman hints at how the sci-fi drama's last episodes will pan out. 'Fringe' exec: 'Final season like film' Joel Wyman reveals his vision for the Fox sci-fi drama's last episodes. 'Fringe' to have three-part finale The stars of Fringe in an exclusive Digital Spy video. 'Fringe' stars tease future world - Video The cast of Fox's departing sci-fi drama speak to Digital Spy. 'Fringe' stars on final season - Video Joel Wyman promises that he won't leave fans with "unanswered questions". 'Fringe' exec: Finale will be satisfying Joel Wyman admits he is still baffled by the sci-fi's lack of awards success. Fringe exec can't comprehend Emmy snub Joel Wyman drops hints about the sci-fi drama's fifth and final season. 'Fringe' exec hints at final season Jeff Pinker and Joel Wyman also hint at the fate of star Seth Gabel. 'Fringe' execs hint at season five Noble says that he has heard "warm and fuzzy things" about the drama's future. 'Fringe' John Noble 'expects renewal' Joel Wyman says that he is "feeling good" about the show's renewal chances. 'Fringe' to return for 13 episodes? Gabel admits that he feels frustrated about the Fox drama's low ratings. 'Fringe' star Seth Gabel on show future Images from the next episode of Fringe. 'Fringe': Fox sci-fi returns - pictures Australian star Haig will play a government agent on the sci-fi drama. 'Fringe' casts Georgina Haig Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman hint at the future of Fringe. 'Fringe' execs 'hoping for the best'