Kelly Preston

The Hollywood couple look on as film producer Oscar Generale gets down on one knee. Travolta helps Cannes marriage proposal See stars partying at Cannes and John Travolta's unusual facial hair. Travolta's funny facial hair at Cannes Kelly Preston, Lisa Snowdon and more of George Clooney's former girlfriends. George Clooney's former girlfriends Actor says his religion has helped him 'get through' the struggles of life. John Travolta: 'I love Scientology' The veteran actor appears with John Travolta and Kelly Preston in the film. Anthony Hopkins joins mobster film Gotti John Leguizamo and Kelly Preston sitcoms also among pilots passed over by ABC. Tom Ellis's Gothica, more miss cut at ABC Darby will appear opposite Kelly Preston in Keep Calm And Karey On. Rhys Darby joins new ABC comedy An insider says George Clooney is not ready to settle down and have a family. George Clooney, Stacy Keibler 'split' The Mean Girls star's representative says she likely won't appear in the movie. Lindsay Lohan 'not in Gotti film talks' The masseur who first claimed sexual harassment files to have the case dropped. John Travolta accuser drops lawsuit Kelly Preston admits that she has yet to wean her 16-month-old son. Kelly Preston 'still breastfeeding son' Kelly Preston knew that it would be hard to lose weight after giving birth. Kelly Preston loses 39lbs John Travolta reportedly toured the Gotti family home while they were out. John Travolta 'didn't meet Gotti widow' John Travolta's Mercedes-Benz is stolen after he parks it on a busy LA street. John Travolta's vintage car stolen Kelly Preston says that she feels bad for those who can't have children. Kelly Preston: 'I always wanted to be a mother' Kelly Preston's son with husband John Travolta passed away in 2009 from a seizure. Kelly Preston: 'Scientology helped me cope with Jett's death' John Travolta says that communication is key in his marriage to Kelly Preston. John Travolta: 'Scientology helps marriage' Kelly Preston will play Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations. Kelly Preston boards Gotti family biopic Charlie Sheen says that he expected to be blamed for shooting ex-fiancee Kelly Preston. Charlie Sheen: 'Kelly Preston shot herself' Kelly Preston says that she hasn't exercised since giving birth to new son Benjamin. Kelly Preston 'not worried about weight loss' Kelly Preston says her newborn son Benjamin takes frequent airplane flights with dad John Travolta. Preston: 'New baby flies with Travolta' Actress Kelly Preston contends that she looks back fondly on her romance with Charlie Sheen. Kelly Preston: 'Sheen is a great man' Kelly Preston says that her newborn son Benjamin bears a striking resemblance to dad John Travolta. Preston: 'New son identical to Travolta' Kelly Preston says that silent births, as promoted by Scientology, do not mean a mother cannot cry. Kelly Preston: 'Silent birth is gentle' Kelly Preston reveals that age wasn't a concern when she decided to have another child. Preston 'didn't consider older mum risks' Kelly Preston says that the support she received following her son's birth has been healing. Kelly Preston: 'Public support is healing' John Travolta asserts that his newborn son Benjamin already resembles him quite a bit. John Travolta: 'New baby looks like me' John Travolta reveals that the birth of his son Benjamin has brought a "new beginning". John Travolta 'has new start with baby' Friends of the Travolta family say that it is 'fitting' timing for the birth of their third child. Friends 'overjoyed' for Travolta family Kelly Preston and John Travolta will reportedly welcome their new child in a traditional 'silent birth'. Travolta, Preston to have 'silent birth' John Travolta's representative denies reports that Kelly Preston is in labour. Travolta rep denies Preston labour reports John Travolta cuts an Australian visit short as his wife Kelly Preston enters labour. Travolta flies home as Preston enters labour John Travolta says that he is looking forward to the birth of his son Benjamin. Travolta: 'I can't wait to meet my son' Kelly Preston admits that she is anxious to give birth to her son. Preston, Travolta 'ready for baby' John Travolta and Kelly Preston announce that they are expecting a baby boy. Travolta, Preston expecting baby boy Miley Cyrus says that she is looking forward to the Travoltas' new addition. Miley Cyrus 'excited about Travolta baby' Kelly Preston's mother says that her daughter was so "unhappy" after the death of her son Jett. Preston mum: 'Baby's changed their lives' Kelly Preston's mother claims that the actress is not worried about having a baby at 47. Kelly Preston 'not worried about baby' John Travolta and Kelly Preston feel "blessed" to be expecting their third child together. Travolta, Preston: 'Baby is a miracle' John Travolta and Kelly Preston deny rumors that they are expecting twin boys. Travolta, Preston "not expecting twins"