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A list purportedly showing Matthew Weiner's plans for final season emerges - with some surprises. Is this Mad Men creator's finale wishlist? The actor says the spinoff could be about Sally becoming a rock star or even a murderer. Jon Hamm wants a Mad Men spinoff for Sally The actress claims that she will never get sick of talking about Mad Men. Christina Hendricks will miss Mad Men like crazy The showrunner struggles to come to terms with the show's end. Weiner on Mad Men finale: "I lost it" Moss says she was "ecstatic" when she read the script for the show's swan song. Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss teases final episode US TV critic Bruce Fretts on Don Draper's end game and where Mad Men goes next. The end of Mad Men: Mad, and wonderful Lionsgate COO Sandra Stern revealed Mad Men spin-offs were an option. Peggy and Sally Mad Men spin-offs considered Creator Matthew Weiner will unveil the exhibit in Washington, DC on March 27. Mad Men props for American History museum The final seven episodes will play out on AMC from April 5. See Mad Men promo pictures for final season Matthew Weiner says that he has tried to find the right balance in ending the series. Mad Men creator talks final episodes Don Draper and company will return in April, bowing out with seven-episode run. Mad Men final season gets premiere date Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is getting International Emmy. Christina Hendricks honouring Mad Men creator Are You Here is new comedy from Mad Men's Matthew Weiner. Galifianakis, Wilson new comedy trailer Matthew Weiner will accept the prize at the 42nd International Emmy Awards. Mad Men creator to receive Emmy Award The actor reflects on playing troubled ad man Don Draper for seven seasons. Jon Hamm: 'Mad Men end is tricky' Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reveals that he consulted with actor on ending. Jon Hamm knows how Mad Men will end The actor says he would do Pete Campbell spinoff, but it likely won't happen. Vincent Kartheiser: 'No Mad Men spinoff' The Don Draper actor says that "it will be hard to say goodbye" to his co-stars. Jon Hamm on "cathartic" Mad Men finale Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones feature in brand new teaser. Watch Mad Men season 7 trailer Matthew Weiner rules out a sequel or spinoff from the AMC drama. Mad Men creator: "There is no sequel" Harry Hamlin says AMC is wise to follow Breaking Bad model with Mad Men. 'Mad Men' Hamlin backs split seasons Matthew Weiner says it was AMC's decision to split up final season. 'Mad Men' creator talks split season Elisabeth Moss discussing major shift in her character Peggy's storyline. 'Mad Men' Peggy 'loves Don Draper' Digital Spy looks back on Don Draper's most transformative season yet. 'Mad Men' season 6 post-mortem Matthew Weiner discusses Don Draper's downward spiral in season finale. Mad Men creator in "denial" about finale A look at the impact of The Sopranos and James Gandolfini's iconic Tony. Tony Soprano: How he changed TV DS runs down the facts and theories about James Wolk's mysterious accounts man. 'Mad Men': Who is Bob Benson? Linda Cardellini also teases uncertain future for her character Sylvia. 'Mad Men' star: Fun keeping plot secret Elisabeth Moss talks about her award-winning role on the acclaimed '60s drama. Elisabeth Moss 'Mad Men' season six Q&A The Emmy-nominated star reveals clues about new episodes and the show's finale. Jon Hamm 'Mad Men' season 6 interview A first look at the new season of Mad Men with cool cast pictures. 'Mad Men': Amazing season six images Peggy Olson actress says it's "crazy" that Mad Men is near end of its "journey". Elisabeth Moss emotional about 'Mad Men' UK viewers will get to see new episodes three days after US transmission. 'Mad Men' UK return date confirmed Mad Men cast members feature in four new black-and-white photographs. 'Mad Men' cast in season 6 promo pictures Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner confirms new season is set in late 1960s. 'Mad Men' season six to have time jump The Emmy-winning drama will be back in the spring. 'Mad Men' season six debut date revealed Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré will apparently film on the Hawaiian islands next week. 'Mad Men' premiere set in Hawaii? The actor wants to reprise his flamboyant character on the '60s drama. 'Mad Men' star Bryan Batt wants return David Chase says he won't rule out the possible of a Sopranos continuation. Sopranos movie still possible, says exec The show-runner shares some details on the show's sixth season. 'Mad Men' creator confirms Peggy future