Paul Mccartney

"I think it would be so much fun to be in the White House," reality star says. Kanye West's presidential bid shocked Kim "We did plenty of blind jokes. When he's misplaced something, he'll say, 'I can't see it!'" McCartney joked with Wonder about blindness The 1961 contract is signed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best. Beatles' first contract sells for £48,000 The band's ticket to superstardom was signed on October 1, 1962. Beatles' first contract going up for auction The 'We Can't Stop' singer has a similar effect on Jimmy Kimmel during their interview. Miley's boobs made Paul McCartney feel awkward The record will pay tribute to Cooper's old drinking club back in the 1970s. Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp are Hollywood Vampires Interview: Legendary rocker talks Hollywood Vampires, alcoholism and new bands needing a better work ethic. Alice Cooper: 'New bands don't give themselves time' Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church tells the story of the rock legend's biggest-ever US gig. Lost Jimi Hendrix concert to air on US TV The British icon finds out a fact about her music career that she had never been told before. Cilla Black's final interview is poignant Beatles stars pay tribute to their old friend following her death at the age of 72. Paul and Ringo remember Cilla Black Before Blind Date and Surprise Surprise, Cilla topped the pop charts. 12 of Cilla Black's greatest songs Modern musicians are lucky their songwriting isn't dependent on a good memory, says Paul McCartney. There's dozens of Beatles songs you'll never hear Liverpudlians may have a thing or two to say about that... Bono tries to claim The Beatles as Irish Which are classics and which need their 00 status revoked? 22 best and worst Bond theme songs ranked Sam Mendes reveals the new song for Spectre is complete - but who will be singing it? Spectre: Bond song announced soon Including Queen's iconic showing, a fresh-faced Madonna, and Paul McCartney's disastrous microphone mishap. Live Aid was 30 years ago: Our 10 favourites The star says the Tories will lose support if fox hunting is reintroduced. Paul McCartney blasts "cruel" fox hunting The singer's cryptic tweet suggests she may have Spectre in her crosshairs. Ellie Goulding hints at recording Bond theme "She had a figure on her," the cheeky Beatle says about Britain's long-reigning monarch. Paul McCartney reveals cheeky Queen crush Will there ever be another Beatles? "I wish people well but I have a feeling it couldn't [happen]." McCartney: 'Lennon's death elevated him' Foo Fighters frontman doesn't let a silly leg injury halt a gig, no sir. Grohl breaks leg on stage but plays on The Beatles star said he'd like to see the Gallagher brothers reunite. Oasis will reform if Paul McCartney helps The Beatles legend turned down a guest spot in iconic sitcom Friends. Who did Paul McCartney almost play in Friends? The singer says he is "sick" of being mistaken for his estranged brother on the Tube. Noel Gallagher sick of Liam mix-ups The Foo Fighters star joined McCartney at the O2 to join the performance of 'I Saw Her Standing There'. Dave Grohl joins Paul McCartney on stage The singer has worked with McCartney on the soundtrack for his film High in the Clouds. A Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney duet is coming The Beatles legend has a few words of advice for the Gallagher brothers. Paul McCartney wades in on Oasis drama Ed Sheeran, Paul McCartney and Alesha Dixon also appear in the 'Food Revolution' song. Watch Hugh Jackman rap for Jamie Oliver song The singer performs 'Another Girl' during a concert in Japan. Macca plays Beatles song for the first time Who's number one? Is Noel richer than Liam? Are One Direction equally wealthy? UK's richest musicians' wealth revealed Forthcoming LP Hollywood Vampires also includes Zak Starkey and Brian Johnson. Paul McCartney for Alice Cooper album Singer reveals her latest daring outfit at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Miley honours Joan Jett with nipple pasties Starr was inducted by fellow Beatle Paul McCartney during an Ohio ceremony. Ringo Starr inducted into Hall of Fame Interview: Pop legend speaks about her love of new music. Lulu: 'Rihanna has changed the landscape' The Beatles drummer says that the band "loved each other deeply". Ringo Starr misses his Beatles 'brothers' Carnie Wilson confirms that 1990s pop group did recently work with Kanye West. Wilson Phillips sang back-up on Kanye hit The singer performed the track with an acoustic guitar. Watch Luke Friend cover a Rihanna song Sam Smith, Charli XCX, alt-J and more will also play the Chicago festival. Paul McCartney to headline Lollapalooza The rapper's third album is 3,000 copies ahead of its nearest competitor. Kendrick Lamar set to score first UK No.1 Ringo Starr is the final Beatle to receive the Hall of Fame honour. McCartney to induct Ringo into Hall of Fame