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'Blackest Night' leaked online

'Blackest Night' leaked online
The latest issue of DC Comics event series Blackest Night has been leaked online days before release.

The publisher shipped copies of Blackest Night #6 to retailers the week before Christmas with large green stickers on their boxes instructing that none be sold before December 30.

But, less than a week before its official release, scanned images from the embargoed comic began appearing on fan forums and a lower quality version of the book was distributed through Bit Torrent sites. DC has since requested all images be removed.

It is not known who leaked the highly-anticipated issue.

When approached for comment by CBR, series writer Geoff Johns said: "I'm glad people are excited about the book."

It is understood that DC sales vice-president Bob Wayne told retailers at a summit in Baltimore, in October, that future opportunities to receive books under embargo would be lost if anyone broke the strict release rules.
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