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The drama will be aired in countries including France, Germany and Australia. BBC Worldwide sells Wolf Hall internationally The 9-metre model will travel through Europe before being placed in Warsaw, Poland. Top Gear's Stig goes on European tour The first pack features six Doctors and their companions to use as avatars. Doctor Who coming to Xbox 360 Minecraft Peter Capaldi's debut will be screened in cinemas worldwide from August 23. Doctor Who premiere to show in cinemas Series will be BBC Worldwide's first co-production with a European broadcaster. GoT star for BBC Worldwide sci-fi drama The first, second, ninth and War Doctor - as well as new features - are added to the mobile game. Doctor Who Legacy adds new Doctors Online retailer Amazon enters an expansive licensing deal with BBC Worldwide. Doctor Who added to Amazon Prime Instant The show has already had international versions in the US, Belgium and Sweden. Antiques Roadshow to receive French remake Free mobile title Doctor Who: Legacy lets fans retrace The Doctor's recent exploits. Doctor Who Legacy: First review The app lets Doctor Who fans interact with four of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers. 'Who' Sonic Screwdriver app launched The popular baking format is now present in 13 countries internationally. 'Bake Off' format coming to Germany The application launches on iOS to coincide with the release of Alpha Papa. Alan Partridge radio app comes to iTunes BBC and IDW celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary with oversize comic. 'Doctor Who' 50th comic special revealed BBC says it has cancelled The Eternity Clock's planned two sequels. 'Doctor Who' game sequels cancelled Dress as the Eleventh Doctor, River Song or even a Silurian in PS3 online social space. Doctor Who for PlayStation Home - video Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is coming to the PlayStation Vita next week. Doctor Who: Eternity Clock dated for Vita Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution is out now for free on iOS devices. Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution on iOS Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock sets a low bar for The Doctor's PS3 debut. 'Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock' review Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock receives an action-packed launch trailer. Doctor Who: Eternity Clock launch video Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. Doctor Who Eternity Clock Making Of video Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock's latest video focuses on the monsters. Doctor Who Eternity Clock Monsters video Take a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. 'Doctor Who' Meet the Creators trailer Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock's trophies have been posted online. 'Doctor Who: Eternity Clock' trophy list The platformer is to be made available on PS3 next week and June on Vita. 'Doctor Who' game for release next week Doctor Who: Eternity Clock's developers are applying the finishing touches. Doctor Who: Eternity Clock suffers delay BBC says it has "no current plans" for more The Adventure Games instalments. 'Doctor Who: Adventure Games' shelved Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will share progress between PS3 and Vita. Doctor Who: Eternity Clock unveils update Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is confirmed as a timed exclusive in Europe. Doctor Who Eternity Clock exclusive New Doctor Who video game is coming to PS3, Vita and PC. 'Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock' teased Top Gear fans in Europe, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand can now rent episodes on Facebook. 'Top Gear' special episodes to rent on Facebook Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is to return for a second series in October with 'The Gunpowder Plot'. 'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' returns in October with Guy Fawkes episode BBC Worldwide reveals that it is to launch an indie games publishing scheme within the next few weeks. BBC Worldwide to publish independent games BBC Worldwide announces plans to rent digital remastered episodes of Doctor Who on Facebook. 'Doctor Who' episodes to rent on Facebook The BBC discusses multiplayer title Doctor Who: Worlds In Time, saying it will embrace in-game "wit". BBC: 'Doctor Who MMO will embrace wit' BBC Worldwide and Three Rings announce free-to-play multiplayer game Doctor Who: Worlds In Time. Multiplayer 'Doctor Who' game announced Click here to view two new screenshots of Doctor Who: The Mazes Of Time for iPhone and iPad. Two new 'Doctor Who' iPhone screens surface BBC Worldwide releases details of iPhone game Doctor Who: The Mazes Of Time out later this month. 'Doctor Who: Mazes Of Time' detailed Click here to view the first two screenshots of Doctor Who: The Mazes Of Time on iPhone and iPad. First screens of 'Doctor Who' on iPhone BBC Worldwide announces Doctor Who and Top Gear apps as part of a new digital business strategy. BBC reveals 'Doctor Who', 'Top Gear' apps