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Top Story Walkman? What's a Walkman? Kids of today struggle to identify vintage tech In latest 'Kids React To' video, children tackle '80s and '90s technology. Kids React To Walkman video still
The retiring chat show king gets his own elaborate couch gag. Watch The Simpsons' Letterman tribute Canadian rapper and his friends and family are painted for a birthday gift. Drake artist: 'I had no clue who he was' Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner and DJ bemoan slow walkers and scones. Watch Sansa Stark's Game of Moans video Australian actor reveals that he loves the singer's YouTube channel. Russell Crowe 'huge fan' of McFly's Tom Actress reveals she was such a fan that she learnt to copy the band's autographs. Emma Stone 'can forge Spice signatures' BAFTA apologises to Codemasters, but not before the studio has some fun. BAFTA sends Forza 5 nom to Codemasters Prince Harry and Boris Johnson entertain local schoolchildren at Olympic Park. Harry, Boris explore Olympic playground Rio 2 star talks Amazing Spider-Man 2 and shows off his Lex Luthor impression. Watch Jamie Foxx's Lex Luthor impression Before Don Draper, it was all curtain haircuts and cheesy one-liners. Watch Jon Hamm on a '90s TV dating show The cast reveal their suggestions on how we should deal with pesky spoilers. Game of Thrones: How to punish spoilers The Extreme World star poses with man's best friend at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Ross Kemp's barking mad photoshoot Digital Spy brings you the cutest pictures of cheeky chimps from Monkey Planet. Monkey Planet: Adorable prankster primate photos Disneynature will release documentary Bears in the US on Earth Day. Is Disney's Bears the cutest movie ever? How would Alfonso Cuarón's movie have worked with added Christopher Reeve? Alternate Gravity ending: It's Superman! The Evian short focuses on Spider-Man and his younger self. Spider-Man sees younger self with Evian A fan creates alternate ending that changes the fate of Ted Mosby. How I Met Your Mother gets fan-edit climax The Duke of York posted the image on Twitter during his Pitch @ Palace event. Take a look at Prince Andrew's selfie The CollegeHumor recap is like listening to your mum and dad describe a TV show. Video gets Game of Thrones totally wrong The Hollywood star shows his love with a poetry slam on The Tonight Show. Samuel L Jackson loves Boy Meets World The Honest Trailers take on Game of Thrones is a piece of comedy genius. Watch the Honest Game of Thrones trailer The pop superstar's waxwork visits London's Madame Tussauds. Check out the waxwork Katy Perry The cast were travelling from Brisbane to Sydney on a Virgin Australia plane. Lion King cast perform on plane - watch The West End is coming. Watch Westeros get a jazz-hands reworking. Watch Game of Thrones... The Musical He's been spending most his life living in a Lannister paradise. Game of Thrones's Tyrion goes hip-hop Andrew Garfield uses makeshift web shooter to fire party-popper paper at crowd. Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast get tangled up Fans of the HBO show get the chance to own replica of iconic prop. NOW TV unveils Iron Throne replica Stars unveil newly refurbished, 11-car X-Men themed train in London. Jackman, McAvoy unveil Virgin X-Men train The film will be available from regular retailers in an 18-rated version. Down on Abby porn film gets "soft" 18 cut Lady Gaga performs at Roseland Ballroom and watches Of Mice and Men in New York. Gaga dresses as Yeti, meets James Franco You're a world-famous actor with some precious time off. What do you get up to? At the races with Benedict Cumberbatch How I Met Your Mother actors give a hilarious rendition of the musical's song. Jason Segel, Harris sing Les Mis - watch The long-running meme is finally given its own thrilling YouTube sketch. Watch BaneCat in Dark Knight Rises spoof Brock Baker performs 'Rainbow Connection' as Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and more. One man impersonates all The Muppets See some of Britain's biggest celebrity mums in a tasteful display of  food artistry. See Holly Willoughby in coffee beans Fan collects 1,300 cultural references from the NBC show to create the site. Travel through The Office Time Machine Find out why Mean Girls actress has taken a sledgehammer to a car. Just why is Lindsay Lohan so angry? Further Simpsons Lego characters are revealed. Woo hoo! See the latest Simpsons Lego minifigures Hollywood actor helps fulfil an 18-year-old's bucket list in a new Facebook video. Watch Channing Tatum sing for ill fan It's The X(-Rated) Factor as Sinitta attends I Can't Sing press night in London. Sinitta in dress mishap at X Factor musical Frank Underwood kills King Joffrey and others in pursuit of power over the Seven Kingdoms. Joffrey meets his match in Frank Underwood