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Top Story You need to see The Last Leg's Adam Hills shave his head for Stand Up To Cancer A little off the top will do... Adam Hills on The Last Leg
Ghostbuster Leslie Jones gets some unique fashion advice. Miley gives you her fashion tips for SNL Bonus Graham Norton, Christopher Walken and Owen Wilson impersonations, to boot. De Niro loves Tom Hiddleston's impression Sharks. A lake. He-Man. What are you waiting for? Watch the bonkers Shark Lake trailer 'I know when Super Mario sing, that can only mean one thing!' Drake sounds better with an N64 soundtrack Good on you, Matt Damon! Soldiers blag their way into Martian premiere "When people meet you, they say, 'Steve-O, [bleep] me in the [bleep]!'" Donald Trump is unnecessarily censored Batter up! Watch James Corden try out for baseball team The adult website is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pornhub raises money for breast cancer charity Ever wondered who those guys in movies were really talking to? Watch an epic movie phone call supercut Watch the Hunger Games star stuff her gob full of the stuff. How many marshmallows can JLaw fit in her mouth? Forget Arnie: Nicole is in town, and she's willing to tickle imaginary mongooses. Nicole Kidman is in a Compare the Market ad Joss Whedon can't meet your unrealistic nerd expectations. Avengers 2 gets hilarious Honest Trailer "Last name ever, first name greatest." Here's Salman Rushdie reciting Drake lyrics Does Apple's new iPhone stand up to a beating from a UFC brawler? UFC fighter vs iPhone 6S: Who wins? Paul Simon, look away now. Watch Art Garfunkel cover The Weeknd Experience? Time travelling and Hitler killing. Who wouldn't hire that kid? Tom Hanks, Colbert solve life's big mysteries What are pants? Miley Cyrus might host SNL naked Film star Mara Wilson reckons the child prodigy would have ended up in Gryffindor. Imagine if Matilda attended Hogwarts "Master has presented Dobby with clothes! Dobby is free!" Potter fans leave socks behind to free Dobby It may be from 2010, but classic Judy never gets old. Judge Judy defendants lose case in seconds There's not much love for David Platt... Watch Corrie's Jack P Shepherd go undercover This is the blow-up toy you're looking for. Check out this Jabba the Hutt blow-up toy We're a bit scared. See a beardless Jack Whitehall?! The former footballer was joined by Graeme Le Saux, who was in Dictionary Corner. Matt Le Tissier wins on Countdown Journey to a bathroom far, far away. This toilet paper sounds like Chewbacca I do pass Go. I do collect £200. Man proposes with adorable Monopoly board Ocean's Eleven, Good Will Hunting, The Bourne Identity and more in just 8 minutes. Matt Damon remakes his movies in Corden sketch This guy wins the Cosmic Cube for best proposal ever. Marvel fan proposes - in front of Chris Evans! There was a lot of inappropriate touching and licking going on. Watch Katy Perry's drunk fan encounter Classic FM would like to request some Arctic Monkeys. Chris Moyles invades and terrifies Classic FM The Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes waxworks are finally ready. Take a selfie with Zoella at Madame Tussaudes Remember when the WAGS were living it up in Baden-Baden? Cheryl wears VB, we share throwback snap But after the singer's recent "mugs" moment, who knows what to make of it? Demi Lovato has awkward genes/jeans mix-up Could they hurry up and make an Avengers musical already? Avengers bloopers: Thor and Vision kiss The pair make a breakthrough and hug out their differences. Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel go to therapy And now they've turned their attention to the sequel. Twitch community beats Dark Souls Just what does David Beckham do on a daily basis? See David Beckham and Kevin Hart's H&M campaign The Force is strong with this one. See Secret Cinema's amazing Star Wars X-wing Dims lights, orders food, silences phone, boots up movie. Sex optional. There's an actual Netflix and chill button Age of Ultron gets a highly-explicit makeover. Watch Avengers get unnecessarily censored