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Top Story Star Wars Day: This is the May the 4th Twitter round-up you're looking for Carrie Fisher, Warwick Davis and more have a galaxy of fun on Star Wars Day. Harry Potter/Star Wars Day mash-up
Father Jack Hackett would be very proud of Myleene's choice of word. Myleene brings 'gobs**te' to Countdown Can Cookie Monster and co protect the world from being dessert-ed in new parody? Watch: Sesame Street take on The Avengers The 'Baby' singer's appearance unsurprisingly caused hysteria at the senior class event. Best prom ever? Bieber crashes high school dance Teenager Collin Burns can't quite believe how quickly he completed the puzzle. Crowd goes wild for new Rubik's Cube record The president shocks his translator with a furious rant about the environment. See Obama scare his anger translator Luther The McBusted star knows how to brighten up a day with this happy YouTube video. Watch Tom Fletcher's son get the giggles If you've seen White Chicks you'll understand why this has made our day. Terry Crews mimes A Thousand Miles and it's perfect Mel B brings a bit of Girl Power to new commercial for US debut of Red Nose Day. Mel B, Howie Mandel back US Red Nose Day It turns out the Android caught with his trousers down was user-created. Google says sorry for peeing Android John Cleese switches places with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show - and the show go off the rails. See Monty Python take over The Tonight Show Christopher Walken's Captain Koons reveals the real history behind this bit of tech. Apple Watch ad gets Tarantino treatment The singer introduces her second French bulldog pet to fans on Instagram. Lady Gaga debuts new puppy... topless Clever editors restore Zack Snyder's grainy film into a much more beautiful film. Do you prefer Man of Steel in colour? We're used to leaks in the tech industry - but this is different. Google, erm... washes away the competition What happens when Montell Jordan's 'This Is How We Do It' meets Aladdin? Classic Disney songs get a '90s R&B makeover Have you been watching closely this year? See if you can answer our questions. Hollyoaks fun: Take our tricky trivia quiz The star sees the funny side of her song being used on a new Chinese video selfie app. Leona Lewis pole dances in new video app David from Comedy Central's @midnight made quite an impression at the recent Star Wars celebration. Funny video: Man dresses as Princess Leia Star Trek legend lends his support to NBC telethon – but the details trip him up! See Shatner fail to pitch Red Nose Day US The actress responds to her old Ukrainian best friend's claim she stole her chicken - no joke. Watch Mila Kunis deny she stole a chicken The singer was a "reward" for the pair as they endured a 51-hour live broadcast. Radio hosts get a 'Sam Smith surprise' Tim Cook and fellow execs get their moves on at Apple Headquarters. Tim Cook is 'Happy' dancing to Pharrell James Corden wants to prove his interviewing prowess by getting some Star Wars scoop. Will Isaac give Star Wars scoop to Corden? Online retail giant has launched another scheme to modernise product delivery. Amazon is now delivering to car boots Fantastic comedy sketch lampoons Hollywood sexism and media attitudes to age. Comics mock 'last f**kable day' ageism One Apple fanboy is hit where it hurts most. Angry woman drowns her ex's Apple gadgets Singer has better luck with her attempt to trademark the name Left Shark. Katy Perry's Left Shark trademark bid denied Actress has a 'bush tucker trial' moment.. Salma Hayek is grossing out Instagram Is 'stingy' a word? Blake Lively certainly thinks so on The Tonight Show! See Blake Lively vs Fallon in 'Say Anything' The strategy action game launches for Nintendo 3DS next month in Europe. Code Name: STEAM gets sing-along trailer The F word stands for family as Ramsay larks about with his children. Gordon Ramsay as you've never seen him A study shows that even in the world of emojis, French is the language of love. Which emojis are the most popular? It's 'Attack of the Clergy' as a priest reacts to Star Wars in brilliant video. Watch priest's hilarious Star Wars reaction Mark Ronson tries to help James Corden embrace his inner 'Uptown Funk'. See James Corden get funky with Mark Ronson Terry Crews goes pound-for-pound with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. See Terry Crews's knock-out Lip Sync Battle The Good Wife's Josh Charles stars in this very funny parody, which mocks rape culture. Watch Amy Schumer spoof Friday Night Lights Saving the Earth is important - and fun! Find your spirit animal with Google quiz Yes, this is the droid you're looking for. You'll be able to buy a working BB-8 droid The reality TV star's gown is stepped on by a photographer and fans are disgusted. Fans aghast at Kim's dress being trod on Kim Kardashian West cracked a smile, though... Kanye is not amused by Amy Schumer prank