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The Animal Crossing-themed party game is on its way to Wii U. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival gets launch date The Pirate Ship stage can now be purchased for the Wii U version of the game. Smash Bros offers new Zelda stage as DLC User-created levels have been played at least 75 million times by Mario fans. Super Mario Maker sells 1m units worldwide The Wii U launch lineup is looking increasingly barren this Christmas. Star Fox Zero delayed until 2016 on Wii U A masked version of the Pokemon icon is seen giving larger opponents a pounding. See masked Pikachu in Pokken Tournament Making levels in Super Mario Maker is easy, but making them good is difficult. We're here to help. 8 tips to make better Mario Maker levels The book features ideas from the Nintendo development team to inspire players. Super Mario Maker Idea Book available online Some fans are forced to cancel their pre-orders, after being charged multiple times. GAME overcharges for Super Mario Maker And it's almost done, according to Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Pikmin 4 is on the way These 12 Wii U games would make great additions to any console and collection. Mario Kart to Zelda, the 12 best Wii U games Why this build-your-own platform game is pure gaming joy. Super Mario Maker is Nintendo's Minecraft You can now gain access to Nintendo digital content via the online store. Amazon now sells digital 3DS, Wii U games A Transformers-themed Splatfest in-game event is underway in North America. Splatoon expands with two new weapons The figurine is the first indie game to get its own interactive figurine. Indie game Shovel Knight gets its own amiibo Anyone in the market for an offensively bad B-movie of a game? Yes?! Why Wii U's Devil's Third is pure hell to play Another Splatoon Testfire event is set to kick off this weekend. Play Splatoon for free starting this weekend The Wii U game allows players to create their own levels with an array of tools. Flappy Bird replicated in Mario Maker The arcade brawler features favourites such as Lucario, Pikachu, Weavile and Charizard. Pokken Tournament coming to Wii U Players of the Wii U shooter can side with Autobots or Decepticons. Transformers-themed event for Splatoon The Amiiqo toy emulator lets users store upwards of 200 characters' worth of data. New amiibo device lets users trick Wii U The mode pits two teams against each other to fight over control of an in-game item. Splatoon gets new Ranked Battle mode soon The game allows players to create their own sound effects, with some sounds that can even generate different visuals. This new Super Mario Maker video tells all Ancel's creation features lots of coins, plenty of Bob-ombs and more than a few giant enemies. Rayman creator makes Super Mario Maker level Players can now participate in Ranked Battle rule sets with friends. Splatoon update adds new matchmaking modes The upcoming Wii U RPG is playable for the first time in Europe at gamescom 2015. Xenoblade Chronicles X in new Wii U bundle Could the Wii U console's first original Zelda title be skipping 2016?
Zelda Wii U not on Nintendo's 2016 calendar New stages and Mii Fighter costumes are also coming to the fighting game. Smash Bros Wii U adds new Tourney mode soon In-game costumes can also be unlocked without using the interactive figures. Super Mario Maker will support 99 amiibo The new Super Mario Maker video skips from generation to generation. Super Mario Maker trailer gets all nostalgic The company is discontinuing their TV-based service next month. Nintendo TVii for Wii U to shut down Nintendo partners with Facebook to celebrate the launch of its upcoming game. Facebook to design Super Mario Maker levels The game will also be offered as part of two software bundles. Super Mario Maker features in Wii U bundle Despite the comparatively low sales, the Wii U version exceeded expectations. Tengami made only 10% revenues on Wii U, PC The second annual Miiverse event was supposed to run until later this month. Camp Miiverse cancelled after Iwata's death Nintendo CEO and Kirby creator was a proficient programmer, and was a regular in fun online sketches. Satoru Iwata: 6 career-defining moments Legend of Zelda hits Wii U in 2016, but what do we actually know about it? Everything we know about Zelda on Wii U Want a cannon that spits out flying Koopa Kids indefinitely? It's totally possible in Super Mario Maker. How crazy can Super Mario Maker get? Winners of the in-game festival can walk away with a special item. Splatoon 'Splatfest' kicks off later today The N64 action-adventure classic can be purchased via the Nintendo eShop. Zelda: Ocarina of Time out now on Wii U Cover arenas with paint and transform into squids in this new Team Fortress 2 mod. Splatoon meets Team Fortress 2 in new mod