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Prometheus, Avengers: Your most anticipated summer blockbuster movie?

It may only be March, but already there's huge interest in 2012's big summer blockbusters.

The season of spectacle starts early this year with The Avengers debuting in the UK in late April, and both Tim Burton's Dark Shadows and sci-fi sequel Men in Black 3 arriving in May.

Prometheus, Ridley Scott's loose prequel to Alien, has already staked its claim for "the most anticipated movie of the year" in its newest teaser, but is that something you agree with?

Vote below to let us know which of the 12 listed blockbusters is the movie you're most looking forward to...

The Avengers
Still from 'Prometheus'

The Dark Knight Rises picture gallery: Christian Bale's Batman mounts the Bat-pod.
Andrew Garfield in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

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