The "one-of-a-kind" theme park will transform after dark with new nighttime entertainment experiences. Disney's Avatar Land shares attraction details The Oscar winner also wrote music for the likes of Avatar, Braveheart and Apollo 13. Titanic composer James Horner dies Composer James Horner reveals that James Cameron currently has four sequel scripts. Could there be four Avatar sequels? James Cameron brings the world of Avatar to Disney's Animal Kingdom. First look at Disney's Avatar Land James Cameron says that "complexity" of the writing process has pushed release dates back. Avatar sequel delayed until late 2017 Director teases the much-awaited new movies as "bitchin'". Avatar 2 will make you "s**t yourself" Artist William Roger Dean fails to prove that his paintings were copied. James Cameron wins Avatar lawsuit Douglas Trumbull says that he has discussed the system with producer Jon Landau. Avatar sequels for high frame rate system? James Cameron says actress has "more challenging character" in sequels. Weaver is new character in Avatar sequels James Cameron announces an Avatar-inspired Cirque du Soleil tour. Avatar Cirque du Soleil tour announced The actress hints at her role in the three James Cameron sequels. Avatar: Sigourney Weaver teases sequels James Cameron talks about the "pressure" of finalising scripts for three sequels. Avatar sequel scripts 'almost done' Hollywood director gives an update on the upcoming three sequels to Avatar. Avatar sequels to shoot in 4K The actress talks about touring the Avatar sets with James Cameron. Zoe Saldana gets "emotional" over Avatar The duo will appear in the next three films of the James Cameron-directed franchise. Avatar: Worthington, Saldana to return The Avatar director says he wants first sequel in cinemas by Christmas 2016. Avatar sequels shooting in New Zealand James Cameron says Lang's character will be similar to Darth Vader or The Terminator. 'Avatar 2': Stephen Lang to return Sam Worthington says sequels will be completed within a year of each release. 'Avatar' sequel production set for 2014 The actor is said to be reuniting with James Cameron for the sequel. Schwarzenegger rumoured for 'Avatar 2' Jumper author Steven Charles Gould will write four books based on the film. 'Avatar' original novels announced James Cameron says the third sequel is needed to capture everything he wanted. 'Avatar' to have three sequels James Cameron will shoot two sequels to his 2009 sci-fi back to back. 'Avatar 2' hires 'Terminator' writer Roger Dean claims Cameron copied his ideas for the 2009 sci-fi movie. James Cameron sued over 'Avatar' James Cameron to explore new technologies for Avatar sequels. 'Avatar' sequels to have underwater scenes The director offers an update on Avatar 2 and 3. 'Avatar' Cameron is 'living in Pandora' The helmer says that the two sequels will each tell a separate, complete story. James Cameron talks 'Avatar' sequels James Cameron addresses the booming film market in China. 'Avatar' sequels to use Chinese actors? The director contradicts reports that the sci-fi series will stop as a trilogy. James Cameron talks 'Avatar prequel' James Cameron is currently working on only two back-to-back sequels. 'Avatar' producer debunks fourth movie The record-breaking blockbuster is to debut on Blu-ray 3D this October. Cameron announces 'Avatar' 3D Blu-ray The director's production company has stopped developing any other projects. Cameron 'only interested in Avatar' The studio executive says that WETA has begun work on the movie's effects. 'Avatar 2' 2014 release 'unlikely' Actor tells Digital Spy he would film Avatar 2 "this afternoon" if James Cameron asked. Sam Worthington: 'I'm ready for Avatar sequel' Avatar's Sigourney Weaver suggests that 2D filmmaking could become obsolete. Sigourney Weaver: '3D is the future' Producer Jon Landau implies that Avatar 2 may miss its scheduled release date. 'Avatar 2' four years away, says Landau Sam Worthington reveals that the story for Avatar 2 will not disappoint. Sam Worthington praises 'Avatar 2' story Disney reveals that it will develop a number of Avatar-themed lands at its parks. 'Avatar' lands set for Disney theme parks Sigourney Weaver says she will appear in the two proposed Avatar sequels. Sigourney Weaver confirms 'Avatar 2' role Zoe Saldana says that she fought to win the respect of Avatar director James Cameron. James Cameron 'doesn't scare' Zoe Saldana Zoe Saldana says that she was misquoted in a report that claimed she had a breakdown after Avatar. Zoe Saldana 'didn't have Avatar breakdown'