Iron Man 2

Iron Man star delivers an awesome new bionic arm to a young fan. Watch Downey Jr give kid a bionic arm Actor says his character Obadiah Stane was supposed to have a different fate. Jeff Bridges reveals Iron Man secret The actor suggests that he still "is going to do other stuff with Marvel". Robert Downey Jr hints at Iron Man future The Avengers star says he is determined to ride the Iron Man wave. Downey Jr hints at more Iron Man movies The actor downplays the possibility of a fourth Iron Man film. Robert Downey Jr: 'No plans for Iron Man 4' The Iron Man actor jokes that he is not ready to "give up the belt" yet. Robert Downey Jr hints at Iron Man future The actor almost turned down the role of Aldrich Killian in Marvel's film. Why Guy Pearce nearly skipped Iron Man 3 The actor says he was "begging" for the chance to play Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr: 'Iron Man changed life' Marvel superhero Morphsuits have arrived and we seriously want to get one. App 'brings superhero costumes to life' Watch the latest clip from the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray extra. Ben Kingsley in new Marvel One-Shot clip Ben Kingsley and Scoot McNairy feature in the opening sequence for the short. Marvel's All Hail the King first look The actor is revealed as the star of All Hail the King on the Thor 2 Blu-ray. Ben Kingsley returns in Marvel One-Shot The Iron Man actor will reportedly appear as War Machine in the Marvel sequel. Don Cheadle for Avengers: Age of Ultron The Iron Man 3 actor is rumoured to be returning in a short film. Ben Kingsley back for Marvel One-Shot? The British actor says he will team up with Marvel Studios for an unnamed project. Ben Kingsley for 'secret' Marvel project Paul Bettany records over 20 hours of new content for the iOS app. 'Iron Man 3': Marvel release JARVIS app Balloon artist Jeff Wright completes the suit in less than ten hours. 'Iron Man' costume made from balloons Hyperloop inventor now takes on superheroes. Elon Musk builds real-life Iron Man tech The Ted star says that he would hypothetically like to play the superhero. Mark Wahlberg: 'I'd like Iron Man role' Robert Downey Jr struggles to keep a straight face on set of the superhero film. 'Iron Man 3' gag reel - watch Marvel bonus content includes behind-the-scenes footage with Chris Hemsworth. Iron Man 3 Blu-ray contains Thor teaser Marvel Studios releases an online clip of the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray short. 'Agent Carter' one-shot debuts new clip Actor agrees deal to play Iron Man/Tony Stark in at least two more Marvel movies. Robert Downey Jr for 'Avengers 2' and '3' The Marvel Studios film is the first in 2013 to reach the landmark. Iron Man 3 passes $400m at US box office Pepper Potts gets a different ending in the blockbuster movie sequel. How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended - video The latest Grand Theft Auto 4 mod replaces Niko with Iron Man. 'GTA 4' mod adds Iron Man - video The actor wants to replace Robert Downey Jr in Marvel Studios' films. Jackie Chan wants to be Iron Man The Marvel Studios sequel is the 16th movie in history to pass the milestone. 'Iron Man 3' passes $1 billion mark Marvel Studios president Feige says Tony Stark could be reinvented like 007. Feige: 'Iron Man could be timeless' The director defends the controversial twist in the Marvel Studios sequel. Shane Black defends 'Iron Man 3' twist Sir Ben Kingsley says Robert Downey Jr has a "gift" for capturing Tony Stark. 'Iron Man 3' Kingsley praises Downey Jr Don Cheadle says his love of Iron Man came once he "got older". 'Iron Man 3' star liked Spider-Man more Marvel's Kevin Feige likens the superhero series to James Bond, Batman and Spider-Man. Iron Man 'can survive without Downey Jr' The actor is reportedly reluctant to return as Tony Stark in Iron Man 4. Downey Jr 'in talks for Avengers 2, 3' Shane Black says Pepper slept with villain Aldrich Killian in early script. 'Iron Man 3' cut Pepper Potts sex tape Robert Downey Jr movie holds its position at top of Australian box office charts. 'Iron Man 3' tops Aussie box office again Iron Man 3 makes more than $175.3 million in the US alone last weekend. 'Iron Man 3' storms US box office Robert Downey Jr credits Marvel's Stan Lee for creating a timeless character. Downey Jr teases 'Iron Man 3' journey Kevin Feige compares Tony Stark's movie potential to James Bond's. Marvel wants Downey 'for years to come' The James Rhodes/War Machine actor tells fans to "make enough noise". 'Iron Man 4' will happen 'if fans want'