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5502: Heath asserts his authority

Heath tells Liam and Bianca he will see them in court if they try to leave Summer Bay.

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Aired Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 at 4:00am EST on Seven Network

Brax learns that Liam has quit Angelo's and intends to move away with Bianca. Concerned about what this means for Heath, Brax urges Liam to reconsider.

Later, Liam walks in on Heath's mature attempt at trying to sort something out that can suit everyone. When Liam is angered and refuses to compromise, Heath is forced to attain a court order preventing them from leaving with his unborn baby.

Meanwhile, after his break-up with Henri, Casey is left heartbroken and dismayed about the situation. Later, Henri goes to visit Casey to give some closure to their relationship. As they share a final kiss, VJ arrives and sees them.

Elsewhere, Leah joins an online dating site in an attempt to get past her crush on Brax. Though she is hesitant to take it to the next level, the girls encourage her to seek out a real date. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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