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'EastEnders' Chucky Venn wants wedding, baby plots

EastEnders star Chucky Venn has revealed that he is keen for his character Ray Dixon to have a strong future with Kim Fox.

The actor admitted that he would like Ray and Kim (Tameka Empson) to tie the knot and start a family together in upcoming storylines.

Chucky Venn plays Ray Dixon (Eastenders)


Kim Fox from EastEnders


Venn told Inside Soap: "It would be nice to see Ray ask for Kim's hand in marriage. I imagine they would have a conventional wedding, then a reception with '70s fancy dress. Ray could go as Shaft!

"They'd hold it in The Vic because that's where all the drama's at - and I'm sure nothing would be straightforward."

He continued: "I'd also like to see Kim and Ray have a baby together. It would be interesting to see how Kim tackled being a mother, because it's such a huge undertaking. Ray's daughter Sasha is now back on the scene, and that will be a challenge for Kim."

Venn also expressed a desire to see Ray and Sasha's background further explored on screen.

"In the future, I can imagine Sasha's mum showing up," he said. "EastEnders likes to keep you guessing, and I think that's a storyline with legs. My dream casting would be Freema Agyeman, because she's an intelligent woman and very beautiful."

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