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Michael leaves Jean distraught

Janine takes Michael's money for the Country Club deposit.


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Michael has been ignoring calls from Jean, who is panicking after Roxy found out about the missing cash. However, the schemer is cornered when Jean visits him at the boxing gym, so he promises to sort out the money and bring it over to her later. Michael then cancels the wedding reception venue and plans to pay Jean back. However, when Janine finds out about the cancellation, Michael covers by saying that she deserves somewhere better. Janine agrees that a country club would be a more appropriate venue, and needing a cash deposit, she swipes the money that was meant for Jean from Michael's hand.

As Michael knows that Jean is looking for him, he tells Janine that they should leave for their weekend Paris trip earlier than planned. However, as the couple are getting in the taxi, Jean confronts Michael and pleads with him to hand over the money. However, Jean is left feeling distraught and desperate when Michael pretends that he doesn't know what she's talking about and heads away with Janine in the cab…

Derek starts work at Branning Brothers.
Meanwhile, Derek is keen to show that he is a changed man and decides to start working at the car lot. At first he does well selling cars and Jack is impressed, but Jack soon discovers that Derek has bumped up the customers' monthly payments. When an angry Jack complains that his brother will never change, Derek loses patience and walks out from the job. Later, Derek seeks advice from Cora as he wonders whether he is beyond redemption. However, when Cora advises that Alice will take Derek as she finds him, the bad boy realises that he doesn't have to change at all - he just has to fool Alice into thinking that he has...

Elsewhere, it's the grand opening of the B&B and Denise is unimpressed by Kim's lack of participation in the preparations, Tamwar fears he is losing Afia when she ignores his disapproval and decides to host a speed dating event at the Argee Bhajee, while Andrew considers leaving Walford following a negative newspaper article about him - but Rose persuades him to stay so she can look after him. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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