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Terry's scheming backfires

Terry and Tommy celebrate their partnership in work with a drink at the Rovers, when Kirsty steps in and tells them they might have spoken too soon


Aired Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 at 5:51pm EST on

Convinced that Terry paid Councillor Peake to approve his lap-dancing club, Kirsty uses her position to get a copy of his bank statements, which show large payments from TD Enterprises. Returning to the Town Hall, Kirsty arrests Councillor Peake on suspicion of taking a bribe.

At the same time, a financially-strapped Terry has enlisted Tommy's help in the building work. With the club now nearly ready to open, he's confident nothing can go wrong. But as the father-and-son team drink in The Rovers, they're brought up short by a voice from the door. It's Kirsty, who insists they might have spoken too soon. How will Tommy react to the news of Terry's dodgy dealings?

Meanwhile, as Sally and Kevin hold crisis talks at the Bistro, Sally is adamant that she'll never be able to accept Jack. But when Kevin suggests he could ask Pam and Bill to have Jack on a semi-permanent basis, Sally is aghast. She refuses to ask Kevin to give up his son, but Kevin is convinced he's hit on a solution and vows to speak to Pam.

Elsewhere, Julie faces heartbreak, while Sunita asks Karl to keep her company while Dev goes away on a golf tournament with Aadi. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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