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The internet's best response to Wayne Rooney's World Cup blunder. Where did Rooney's corner kick end up? From mumbling to bungling, the BBC World Cup coverage gets off to a slow start. Pundit Watch: BBC start with a whisper Portugal v Germany is day five's eye-catching match. World Cup 2014 Match Day 5: Hello Ronaldo How will red hot favourites Argentina fare in their first group game? FIFA World Cup 2014 Match Day 4 Will Roy Hodgson's boys be able to handle the heat against Italy? World Cup Match Day 3 TV Guide The Olympic star kicks up a stink over an embarrassing TV audition. Louis Smith red-faced over X Factor clip Did Adrian Chiles manage to bring the samba spirit to British viewers? Pundit Watch: ITV kick off Brazil 2014 A magazine releases his high school photos after getting snubbed by him. Breaking Bad Norris had awesome perm The reigning champions take on Holland and Chile battle the Socceroos. World Cup Match Day 2 preview How did it kick off? We report on the ceremony and collect your tweets. World Cup opening: As it happened There's much more to laugh at than 22 blokes hoofing a ball around. 8 of the funniest World Cup moments Who should you bet on? And why you shouldn't get too cheery about England. World Cup Guide: Are England doomed? Hosts Brazil are in the opening match and the Opening Ceremony kicks off the party. World Cup Day 1 TV preview Lads, don't give up the day job. 10 times footballers tried to be popstars Universal Studios Halloween Horror will be themed around the zombie show again. Walking Dead Halloween event returning It will be 15 minutes longer than 'The Watchers on the Wall'. Game of Thrones finale gets super-sized David Benioff and Dan Weiss hype up the season four conclusion. Game of Thrones season 4 finale is 'best yet' "Shot through the heart and you're to blame, darling, you give love a bad name." The Game of Thrones Bon Jovi remix The latest viral video from The Tonight Show doesn't have any leg room. J-Lo still has the tightest pants: Watch Producer Jordan Kerner says that Disney is interested in a sequel. Mighty Ducks could get a fourth movie The actor became a household name with Bottom and Blackadder. Rik Mayall 1958-2014: A true one-off The soap star joins the Dogs Unite charity campaign. Porter is guide dogs super-sidekick - photos "I'm basically a chilled out entertainer." Everyone is starting to Tinder Like Brent The Netflix Original is given a super sweet remake. With lots of kittens! Orange Is the New Cat: Watch cute parody Sir Mix-A-Lot proves that orchestras have got back as well. Watch Baby Got Back played by orchestra The Chelsea manager invaded the pitch to tackle the popstar. Watch Jose Mourinho take out Olly Murs Let us know who you think would make an awesome Dolly. Who could star in Dolly Parton: The Movie There's more to it than just a load of blocks you know. 30 years of Tetris: 30 amazing facts The comedian will take to the streets of Scotland for two comedy shows. Bridges to host Scottish referendum shows "I won't be in the mud, will I?" asks the country star. Parton up for Glasto: I grew up in mud hole The Netflix Original returns and celebrates with its own computer game. Orange Is the New Flappy Bird: Play game There have been some stonkers. And some real stinkers. We rank them all. What is the greatest England footy song? It's the alternate version of this week's episode that we all wish had happened. The Mountain v Red Viper denial ending A Woody doll is found on the roadside. Twitter is trying to find its home. #GetWoodyHome: The real life Toy Story The BBC drama was one part Breaking Bad, one part classic British thriller. Happy Valley: Best TV of the year so far? How did Twitter deal with the brutal Game of Thrones twist? With LOLs! Mountain and Viper: Funniest reactions Take a celebrity. Swap their eyes with Zooey Deschanel's. And scream. Guys With Zooey Eyes will haunt you He will bring fashion coverage to the prestigious sporting event. Gok Wan joins Royal Ascot presenter team We really, really hope this picture is real. Samuel L Jackson's driving school: Photo Pedro Pascal's Instagram picture is soothing after last night's Game of Thrones. The Viper and Mountain are actually buds