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The only catch is that you have to be based in the US. Paramount puts free movies on YouTube Quad-core-powered box trumps the new Apple TV with 4K streaming. 4K-packing Roku 4 to launch this month Streaming dongle gets a circular redesign while Chromecast Audio is a new device. Chromecast refreshed with two new devices The Galaxy maker isn't milking it any more. Samsung is canning its Milk Video app Dims lights, orders food, silences phone, boots up movie. Sex optional. There's an actual Netflix and chill button "I like something hard and tangible in my hand." Quentin Tarantino does not like Netflix German hit Deutschland 83 is one of the shows coming to the service. Channel 4 to stream foreign dramas on demand How long does it take to become addicted to Breaking Bad? Netflix data reveals when you were hooked Roku and roll in ultra-high definition. Roku could be readying a 4K streaming box Upgrading your media streaming device seems to be in fashion. New Chromecast tipped to launch soon On-demand service is one of the first apps with picture-in-picture viewing. Why BBC iPlayer is a lot better on iOS 9 Revamping your TV streaming box appears to be in fashion. Should Apple worry about the next Fire TV? Streaming service looks set to continue its expansion into Asia. Netflix reportedly coming to South Korea Streaming giant stands firm despite Amazon's recent announcement. Netflix won't budge on offline playback Netflix might want to rethink its stance on this one. Amazon Prime Video gets offline playback Unfortunately, the company says it has "no immediate plans" to jump to full HD at the moment. New Now TV box does actually support Full HD Kickstarter campaign cancelled due to uncertainty over licences. Matchstick scraps its Chromecast rival The company is discontinuing their TV-based service next month. Nintendo TVii for Wii U to shut down The new app aims to help you remember where you left off. Netflix is updating its TV apps Over half of those watching iPlayer for free abroad originate from China to the tune of around 38.5 million. iPlayer 'watched by around 65m abroad' Streaming service's boss Reed Hastings wants to increase prices. Bad news for fans of Netflix? Third-party app lets users watch YouTube footage on their smartwatch. YouTube videos come to Android Wear Streaming service overhauls its web layout for the first time in four years. Netflix starts rolling out new web interface Starbreeze Studios lifts the lid on its high-end competitor to Oculus Rift. StarVR headset to take on Oculus Rift If all goes according to plan, the film will get a theatrical release before being streamed. Gilliam signs Don Quixote deal with Amazon The streaming giant says ciao to more TV and movie hungry users across the world. Netflix is coming to 3 more countries soon Short teasers for original content is being trialled, but there won't be adverts. Netflix has no plans for third-party ads Streaming giant to update its layout for first time since 2011. Netflix's new web interface to ape its app The number of streaming requests in March fell by 7% compared to the same period in 2014. iPlayer experiences first ever popularity fall Catching up on EastEnders while on holiday in Spain could become a reality. EU wants iPlayer access throughout Europe Looking to turn a dumb TV into a smart TV? You've come to the right place. Which is the best media streaming device? Is Amazon Instant Video the new mile high club? Amazon Prime heading to in-flight TVs Satya Nadella admits HoloLens was in the works when the firm bought Mojang. Why Microsoft really bought Minecraft Some pre-2013 devices are left behind as YouTube upgrades to Data API v3. YouTube app retired on older hardware Pay TV service asks overseas users to prove they have the right to stream content. HBO Now to cut off viewers outside of US A record quarter for the company sees it add 4.91 million new customers. Netflix reaches 60 million subscribers IMDB-powered information service coming to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick hardware. Amazon X-Ray for Movies comes to Fire TV Online retailer to offer high dynamic range streaming later this year. Amazon Prime Video to offer HDR streaming Streaming service is free for six months when you buy a 4K TV from LG. LG TVs come with six months' free Netflix Amazon's Netflix rival gets a native application for Android tablet devices. Prime Instant Video hits Android tablets