House Top Story Hugh Laurie: 'America gave me the confidence to make music' The House actor says making his second album has been "extraordinary".
Odette Annable will be a recurring love interest for Jake Johnson's Nick. 'House' actress joins 'New Girl' cast Laurie talks about the medical drama's final season as it hits DVD and Blu-ray. Hugh Laurie 'House' final season Q&A David Shore adds that producing a House movie might be "tricky". 'House' creator 'would love a film' 'Everybody Dies' is the most-watched House episode since January. 'House' bows out on Fox with 8.7 million Old faces come back to haunt House, who must solve one final dilemma. 'House' finale: Hit or miss? David Shore and Hugh Laurie discuss the finale episode of House. 'House' David Shore: Goodbyes were hard Our predictions and hopes for tonight's House finale. 'House': Series finale predictions Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps and the cast of House praise and thank their fans. Hugh Laurie praises 'House' fans - video Actress says viewers may be "surprised" by what has happened to her character Cameron. 'House' Jennifer Morrison on return A returning star says the final episode will be "appropriately satisfying". 'House' finale "not the happiest thing" Events spiral out of control in the penultimate episode of House. 'House': 'Holding On' recap Olivia Wilde's guest appearance is also discussed by show exec Garrett Lerner. 'House' Hugh Laurie on Thirteen return David Shore reveals that one of the characters will appear. 'House' star confirmed for series finale Hugh Laurie says he is "very grateful" to have Wilde and other former co-stars back. 'House' Olivia Wilde return teased Wilson embarks on a road trip and Chase makes a tough choice on House. 'House': 'Post Mortem' recap House helps Wilson take a dangerous route in his battle with cancer. 'House': 'The C Word' recap The actor praises Laurie's "level of intensity, attention and care". 'House' Leonard on Hugh Laurie directing Laurie argues that it was time for the Fox drama to "steal away into the night". Hugh Laurie: 'House had to end' The actress will make a cameo as Dr. Allison Cameron. Jennifer Morrison for 'House' finale Laurie says he felt "a tremendous responsibility" to do the episode justice. 'House' Hugh Laurie talks directing The actor says House will not learn life lessons after his recent bombshell. 'House' Hugh Laurie talks latest twist House even rises higher than fellow Fox drama Bones in the demos. House ratings on rise as finale beckons House (Hugh Laurie) learns a shocking secret that could change his life forever. 'House': 'Body & Soul' recap Lady GaGa and Cate Blanchett show off their vocal talents in Family Guy and The Simpsons. Lady GaGa 'Simpsons' airdate revealed The final episode of House will air on Fox on May 21. 'House' final episode - First picture Laurie describes the final episode 'Everybody Dies' as "uplifting". 'House' stars tease series finale Hugh Laurie expressed a contrary opinion. 'House' Leonard on lack of Cuddy return The actress will reprise her role as Martha Masters. 'House': Amber Tamblyn back for finale The dramatic title of the House finale is confirmed. 'House' final episode title revealed The team treat a patient with an unusual fetish on House. 'House': 'We Need the Eggs' recap The team treat a hockey player, while Wilson unexpectedly faces fatherhood. 'House': 'Gut Check' recap House fans could win the chance to write for the show or attend the wrap party. 'House' fans to take part in last season He will appear in an episode about a patient who cries tears of blood. Patrick Stump to guest star on 'House' Hugh Laurie wants his character House to remain "defiant" to the end. 'House' stars on 'abrupt' series finale Penn is in talks to reprise his role as Kutner on the Fox medical drama. 'House': Kal Penn to return for finale? Shore reveals that "a few" former cast members will return for the finale. 'House' exec on 'fitting' final episode Tron: Legacy actress linked with return for end of Hugh Laurie medical drama. Olivia Wilde to return for House finale? As his team treat a blind patient, House meets a man who may be his real father. 'House': 'Love Is Blind' recap Series star due to take director's chair one more time before show ends. Hugh Laurie to direct 'House' episode The actress has not been asked to appear in the last episode of House. Jennifer Morrison: 'No House return'